“A goal without a plan is just a wish”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 - 1944)

   If there is one thing that can be said about Micheal Shaw it is that he will stop at nothing to attain his goals, even if it means moving all over the world. After graduating from high school in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Micheal moved to Orlando, Florida where he attended the University of Central Florida and gained a BA in English. Micheal knew deep down that film is where his heart really was, so he packed up his things and moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College Chicago’s film program. His major focus in the program was editing and post-production, a field he excelled at. He was able to take the knowledge he gained with his English degree, the use of character development, how to move a story, creating a believable plot, and apply it to the skills he was now learning and the films he worked on with fellow classmates. Micheal graduated at the top of his class in 2006. His hard work caught the attention of one of his professors who was about to begin working on a film in the heart of Cyprus over the next month. He raised the funds to add Micheal to his crew. The film utilized the then new Panasonic P2 technology, recording to solid-state memory instead of to tape. This put Micheal in charge of media management, downloading and organizing the footage for the film. New experience under his belt Micheal returned to the States and moved, to the West Coast, namely Los Angeles, to pursue a career in feature films. In 2007, he began working for Six14 Productions, a small company producing promotional, documentary, instructional, and corporate videos, as an assistant editor. Micheal quickly optimized the workflow and became their lead editor, within a year. During his time there he edited several multi part web series’ for the online and print publishing giant Hanleywood. As of October 2008, Micheal left Six14 Productions to start his own production company, with Santiago Heredia, a motion graphics artist and graphic designer. Together they formed Alternative Cut and are currently delving into all aspects of creative services from production, post-production, and design. To learn more about Alternative Cut visit www.alternativecut.com.

Micheal also recently completed a short documentary which he filmed and edited with Andrew Loos, “Ground Pressure” follows Kelly Gneiting, a truck driver from Idaho who takes on one of the biggest challenges of his life. The film has currently been submitted to several film festivals and we are awaiting to hear from them.